BIT-FLIP: A Home For Electronic Music In Arizona

I have started an event at the Sail Inn called BIT-FLIP. Every Tuesday night from 7-11pm we feature local electronic music of all kinds from Arizona. So far we’ve had electro, dnb, industrial, electro-pop, and everything in between.

The idea is to form a collective of musicians and fans of electronic music to play shows, collaborate with each other, and show support whenever possible. If you are interested in playing or just stopping by to check out the tunes, shoot me an email at: with any questions you might have.

Beats will be had! Image


New About Page with Q&A

The About: Tribal Leader page is updated. Now including a recent Q&A with Tribal Leader about his current CD, his unique sound and what the future may hold for the tribe.

Listen to Tribal Leader’s album for free on Bandcamp

Tribal Leader Featured on MadeLoud

This week Tribal Leader is featured on MadeLoud, a great source for underground music.

Tribal Leader live at the Trunk Space. Phoenix, AZ

“Trying to find a way to a style of music that he can call his own, Tribal Leader’s debut album is a mix of solo piano and hard hitting electronica.

Residing in Tempe, AZ, Tribal Leader plays at local music venues to a growing community of followers.”

It’s really great to see Tribal Leader getting some air time, and I’m looking forward to spreading the tribe more every day.

Tribal Leader: Working for the Man

I’ve been working 80 hours a week (give or take a few hours) for the past two weeks at my day job. I work maintenance at an apartment complex here in Tempe, AZ and such long hours at a very physical job take their toll.

I’ve been going to work before the sun rises and leaving after it sets, which in itself interests me. I’ve been thinking about how having such a long work schedule makes me really cherish the time that you have to yourself and to spend with friends and family.

Most mornings I have about 10 minutes to myself before I have to walk out the door, and I take that time to sit at my keyboard and work on some piano-heavy songs. I get a little singing in, and tune out the rest of the world. I’ve come to be very moved by those moments. Each second I think about how I am doing what I love, and I need to absorb everything I can from that time. Each cord I play, note and word that I sing, is magnified ten fold. It has been quite eye opening, and I plan on keeping that intensity as I am able to dedicate more time to music…

Since my day job has been keeping me under wraps lately, I’ve been slacking in the production on music. I have been working on a lot of new music, but mostly just a few riffs and beats here and there. Nothing is up to par for release just yet. To keep up with the little bits that I put out every now and then you can follow me on Tumblr at, on Twitter at!/tribal_leader  and on Facebook at