New About Page with Q&A

The About: Tribal Leader page is updated. Now including a recent Q&A with Tribal Leader about his current CD, his unique sound and what the future may hold for the tribe.

Listen to Tribal Leader’s album for free on Bandcamp


Tribal Leader Featured on MadeLoud

This week Tribal Leader is featured on MadeLoud, a great source for underground music.

Tribal Leader live at the Trunk Space. Phoenix, AZ

“Trying to find a way to a style of music that he can call his own, Tribal Leader’s debut album is a mix of solo piano and hard hitting electronica.

Residing in Tempe, AZ, Tribal Leader plays at local music venues to a growing community of followers.”

It’s really great to see Tribal Leader getting some air time, and I’m looking forward to spreading the tribe more every day.

Tribal Leader – Side Note [Video]

An in depth video is being planned for the song Children Dancing in the Dark by Tribal Leader. But for the time being, this short video has been made to go along with the song Side Note.

The idea behind this video matches the song title. All of the clips used are taken on a cellphone camera during normal hours of the day. They are short glimpses into the somewhat meaningless, but sometimes interesting, parts of life that we all experience on a day to day basis. As the song progresses, the clips begin to change, altering the day.

Take a look into the everyday, with the addition of a Side Note.  And to listen/download (FREE DOWNLOAD) the entire CD, visit:

Tribal Leader: New Music, New Website!

Flyer design by: Cory J Bergquist

I’m working on new music for my upcoming show at the Trunk Space on 9/23/2011. I’m very excited to throw down the new beats and get some people moving!

I’m also working on a new website that should be up within the next couple days which will eventually have tracks and merch!

If you have a few seconds, show your support by voting at

New music will be soon to follow.

Falling Forward off a Cliff

Here is a short clip, taken from a previous song that had an  unnecessary beginning. This one is pretty important to me. Despite it being so short and of poor sound quality, I get a strong feeling from it. It pushes me to obtain a calm mind. The vocal harmony sets off a need to relax and take in the world around me.

I often have trouble seeing things as they really are. But in those failures, I always learn.

I’m spreading the tribe trough

If I can show enough support, they’ll make a billboard for me and throw in a bunch of other things to help out!

I’d appreciate any votes that you guys could throw my way. All you have to do is go to: and click on the box in the top right that will vote for Tribal Leader. No sign up required, just one click. Though I do suggest signing up, it’s free and it’s a great way to make a simple page that points people toward more of your work!

Thanks a lot!