Falling Forward off a Cliff

Here is a short clip, taken from a previous song that had anĀ  unnecessary beginning. This one is pretty important to me. Despite it being so short and of poor sound quality, I get a strong feeling from it. It pushes me to obtain a calm mind. The vocal harmony sets off a need to relax and take in the world around me.

I often have trouble seeing things as they really are. But in those failures, I always learn.



I’m spreading the tribe trough about.me/traiballeader

If I can show enough support, they’ll make a billboard for me and throw in a bunch of other things to help out!

I’d appreciate any votes that you guys could throw my way. All you have to do is go to: about.me/triballeader and click on the box in the top right that will vote for Tribal Leader. No sign up required, just one click. Though I do suggest signing up, it’s free and it’s a great way to make a simple page that points people toward more of your work!

Thanks a lot!