Tribal Leader’s music is twisting, turning, jumping, headbanging and stomping — a surreal wave in both slow motion and real time. With a sound that would suite an underground ritual, Tribal Leader brings layered melodies and moving beats through the speakers and into the ears of a crowd that is continuously growing.

Described as “epic dance/transcendent beats” Tribal Leader strives to bring feeling into electronic music, while giving the crowd something to dance and let loose to.

With a sound that continues to evolve, Tribal Leader, who produces and performs by himself, mixes a classical piano background with a strong passion for hard hitting electronic music.

Tribal Leader’s debut self-titled album was released on BandCamp and has a steady stream of listeners. With multiple shows in the Phoenix and Tempe area, features on websites like, and a drive to keep the music coming, the Tribe is only continuing to grow.

View the latest Tribal Leader productions at, where you can see any news, projects and tour dates. And listen to Tribal Leader’s debut album at


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