Tribal Leader New Mix Tape!

Just released! Tribal Leader‘s first Mix Tape! Check out Tribal Leader’s entire self titled album, all mixed down to 8 minutes of bangin tribal dance beats!

All sorts of goodies were added to the songs. Once this mix gets going it’ll take you on a journey!

Listen and download for free on Bandcamp


New About Page with Q&A

The About: Tribal Leader page is updated. Now including a recent Q&A with Tribal Leader about his current CD, his unique sound and what the future may hold for the tribe.

Listen to Tribal Leader’s album for free on Bandcamp

Tribal Leader Featured on MadeLoud

This week Tribal Leader is featured on MadeLoud, a great source for underground music.

Tribal Leader live at the Trunk Space. Phoenix, AZ

“Trying to find a way to a style of music that he can call his own, Tribal Leader’s debut album is a mix of solo piano and hard hitting electronica.

Residing in Tempe, AZ, Tribal Leader plays at local music venues to a growing community of followers.”

It’s really great to see Tribal Leader getting some air time, and I’m looking forward to spreading the tribe more every day.