Tribal Leader – Side Note [Video]

An in depth video is being planned for the song Children Dancing in the Dark by Tribal Leader. But for the time being, this short video has been made to go along with the song Side Note.

The idea behind this video matches the song title. All of the clips used are taken on a cellphone camera during normal hours of the day. They are short glimpses into the somewhat meaningless, but sometimes interesting, parts of life that we all experience on a day to day basis. As the song progresses, the clips begin to change, altering the day.

Take a look into the everyday, with the addition of a Side Note.  And to listen/download (FREE DOWNLOAD) the entire CD, visit:


Tribal Leader: First Album Release!

It’s been quite a while coming, but I finally uploaded Tribal Leader’s first album this morning around 3am!

There’s a decent amount of exploration in there, trying to figure out exactly where I want to go in the future. I’m extremely happy with how everything turned out and can’t wait to make another!

If you can toss up some cash for the download that would be very much appreciated, but by no means is it necessary.

Download here:

Your Emotions Are Stupid. Bottle Them Better.

Daniel is funny

I’ve never been a huge fan of the “passive aggressive writing in front of an artistic image” movement. It’s what the foundations of Tumblr and PostSecret are built on, and I find that I have better things to do than talk about missing a girl who lives in Europe on top of what looks like a shredded post card or bleached sunset. I’m not saying that you’re ridiculous for thinking that it means anything when you put up your “Oh the things you’ll never know about me…” type quotes, to be shared by anyone with a Ryan Gosling gif and a tear-stained pillow, but you are.

Below are a list of the worst ones that I’ve found recently. Luckily, none of them came from Tumblrs run by people that I know. Otherwise, those people would have just now discovered the reason that I haven’t talked to them since last year…

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Working Working Working!

I’ve been working hard on finishing the songs for my first CD release. I’m a bit behind schedule but I’m still experimenting with a few things. It won’t be long now!

I had an interview today for a day job. I got all suited up: shirt, tie, shiny shoes, the whole deal. It went well and I’ll be going in for a second interview soon.

It’s interesting to dive into the day/night life of a prospective musician. The inflow of money is necessary to pursue my goals. My goals take away from my inflow of money and my inflow of money takes away from the time I can spend on my goals.

I’m in a strange place. But I’m excited to see where I’ll end up.

This is only more motivation to make Tribal Leader flourish.