Tribal Leader is on BandCamp!

Gearing up for a full CD release near the end of next month, is now active! At the moment it features the new song “Exploring”.  

After finishing a few more new songs, the official first CD release by Tribal Leader will be ready to Bang!


Tribal Leader: New Music, New Website!

Flyer design by: Cory J Bergquist

I’m working on new music for my upcoming show at the Trunk Space on 9/23/2011. I’m very excited to throw down the new beats and get some people moving!

I’m also working on a new website that should be up within the next couple days which will eventually have tracks and merch!

If you have a few seconds, show your support by voting at

New music will be soon to follow.

Falling Forward off a Cliff

Here is a short clip, taken from a previous song that had an  unnecessary beginning. This one is pretty important to me. Despite it being so short and of poor sound quality, I get a strong feeling from it. It pushes me to obtain a calm mind. The vocal harmony sets off a need to relax and take in the world around me.

I often have trouble seeing things as they really are. But in those failures, I always learn.