First Picture of Tribal Leader

Here is a picture from the first time that anybody heard anything resembling what Tribal Leader sounds like, or may someday sound like! It was at Live Art Platform in Tempe, AZ.

Live Art Platform. Photo: Sallie Scheufler

The first time anybody ever saw Tribal Leader. And nobody knew it, not even himself.

The first time anybody ever saw Tribal Leader. Nobody knew what it was, not even the leader himself.

LAP is an awesome event held every month (during the ASU school year), where anybody can come and show what they’ve been working on in a friendly and open minded environment. Students, teachers and supporters of the arts show up every month to watch or perform.



I reached my goal for the Mirror Box Mind project on

I am SO excited to see this project through and make it as amazing as I can. I am keeping up with the promotion and still trying to gain more backers. Any extra money that is backed will be put directly into the Mirror Box so it can be bigger, better and more advanced.

 July 8th at the Trunk Space in Tempe, is where the Mirror Box Mind project will be shown (during my set). I have been practicing all day, and making new music.

Thank you so much for everyone who has helped so far! Now it’s time to make it even better!